Things we see and do

Top Row 1. Workers tidying wax from the hive 2. Queen (unmarked) laying with her attendants. 3. Nurse bees tending the brood. 4. Foragers returning with pollen. 5. Nectar and capped honey stores 6. Foragers returning to the hive entrance. 7. A swarm hanging in an apple tree. 8. Eggs and pollen in the brood nest.
Third Row 1. Apiary with an excessive water supply. 2. Drone larvae with Varoa mites 3. Workers demonstrating the principle of bee space. 4. Storm damaged Ash tree with an exposed feral colony 5. Brood comb from the damaged tree. 6. Comb recovered from the tree. 7. Wally Shaw OBE & Jenny Shaw AKA WBKA Chair 8. Jenny & Wally in normal garb.
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Second Row
1. Workers mopping up spilt honey from damaged comb. 2. Eggs (1-2 days old). 3. Developing larvae. 4. Emergency Queen Cells 5. Emergency Queen Cells 6. Snelgove board with upper door open (bottom closed) 7. Spilt hive with Snelgrove board (yellow coloured) 8. Apiary with two split colonies with Snelgrove boards.
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